Carol He and Zoe Rathbun join Hegarty Spatial Thinking Lab

Highly qualified Carol He joins the lab as a first year graduate student. Recent graduate Zoe Rathbun joins the lab as lab manager.

September 14, 2017

Chuanxiuyue (Carol) He graduated from Wuhan University, China, with a bachelor’s degree in Geographical Information Science. In China, she worked with Associate Professor Shuiliang Su in S-Lab, investigating environmental health and justice, especially the issues on walkability and spatial distribution of infrastructure. She was also engaged in the projects related to remote image interpretation and cartography. She worked as a research assistant in 2016 summer at Priti Shah’s Lab. Now, here in our lab, she studies spatial cognition, including the topics about navigation strategies and map comprehension. 

Zoe Rathbun graduated from UCSB in June, 2017 with a degree in Biopsychology and a minor in Art and Technology. In her time at UCSB, Zoe worked under Jim Blascovich in the Center for Virtual Reality investigating the physiology of decision making as it relates to mindsets and the 'challenge vs. threat hypothesis.' She then worked with Scott Grafton, examining the neuronal and physiological correlates of sleep resiliance. Zoe now works as a lab manager in the spatial reasoning lab and a post-baccalaureate researcher at the center for mindfulness.