Congratulations to Dr. Alexander Boone on completing his Ph.D!

Dr. Alexander Boone defends his dissertation and graduates. 

June 14, 2019

Congratulations to Alex Boone who received his Ph.D. in June 2019. Alex dissertation investigated the effects of physical stress, social stress and cognitive fatigue on spatial navigation, continuing an independent line of research on individual differences and sex differences in navigation strategy that Alex has developed and pursued throughout his graduate career. In general, his results indicated that navigation performance and strategies are robust to the effects of stress. Alex has been a wonderful student and collaborator for the last six years at UCSB. In addition to his main line of research on navigation, he published research on strategies in mental rotation, and on understanding uncertainty from visualizations, and has developed collaborations with several labs in the department. Alex has been a generous and thoughtful mentor to undergraduate and more junior graduate students and included two undergraduate students as co-authors of published papers. He has been an outstanding department citizen, working with Aaron Ettenberg on assessment projects, serving
on the Graduate Affairs committee, and chairing the Minicon organizing committee. On a more personal note, it’s been wonderful having Alex in the lab. He is resourceful, organized, enthusiastic, and just gets things done! This is reflected in his amazing publication record, with 12 published papers to date. Alex is moving on to a postdoctoral position at Oregon State University and I am sure that this is just the next step in his distinguished career.

Congratulations, Dr. Boone!